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Various Reasons making it Imperative to Clean Air Ducts before Fast Approaching Winters

No doubt, you were aware about winters being long and harsh in your area. This would also mean spending plenty of time spent inside your home. With windows and doors usually closed during winters, you would be breathing air that has been recycled by your air duct system. In case, you have not cleaned the air ducts of your cooling or heating system, the continuous circulation of pollen, dust, germs, fungus and bacteria could enhance the chances of heightened allergies and sickness.

Hand holding a clothes dryer lint filter that is covered with lint.

Find below several reasons why you should have your air ducts cleaned before winter approaches.

Reduce energy costs

An air duct system, which is full of dust, would result in your furnace working much harder than it should. It would cost you money in the form of extra heating expense. The stipulated restriction on your furnace filter because of dust accumulation would put additional strain on the furnace blower. This might result in an exorbitant motor replacement.

Reduce energy costs

Reduce house-cleaning chores

In case, you have been dusting your home continuously and still a layer of dust is visible almost immediately after you clean, it should be considered as an indication for cleaning your air duct system. Yet another common sign of a polluted air duct system would be black lines visible under doors and around return air vent openings. These black outlines would usually appear on considerably light colored carpet. The problem has been circulation of fine dust in and around these areas and eventually returning to the air ducts. Most of these fine dust particles would settle into the carpet for creating black stains and eventually black area. You would be able to reduce this problem significantly by cleaning your air duct system regularly.

cleaning chores

Enhancing the quality of indoor air

Most homes in the New York area incorporate a great deal of insulation. Several homes might not encompass air exchanger. This would ultimately create a scenario where the air inside the home would never get fresh. The air inside the home would keep re-circulating via the air duct system. As a result, it would include bacteria, germs, dust and debris that could irritate allergies and cause sickness. A decent cleaning and sanitization of the air duct system could get rid of various kinds of harmful stuff from your duct system, thus, circulating fresh air.

cleaning chores

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Suitable Maid Service

How to Find a Suitable Maid Service in your area

Fast-paced and hectic lifestyles along with lack of free time could lead you to contemplate on hiring a maid service to take care of your critical house cleaning duties. However, before you actually pick up the phone for scheduling an appointment, it would be highly important to know whom you intend to welcome into your home.

Suitable Maid Service

Find below some of the major points you should consider before hiring cleaning service NJ.

Screening and hiring of house cleaner

You should ask the house cleaning service whether the employee has been checked for references provided. Whether they have any criminal background. Whether their residence status has been confirmed. In addition, inquire about their workforce comprising of employees or subcontractors. A maid service NJ making use of subcontractors would not provide staff training. They also might not be able to provide liability insurance. Moreover, they might lack on standard of quality along with being unclear on complaint resolution procedures.

maid service NJ

Kinds of cleaning products used by them

Some autonomous housekeepers along with some services would expect you to supply all kinds of cleaning products. In case, the products have been included by the house cleaning company, you should inquire about the kind of products being used by them. In addition, inquire about whether their products contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach. Ensure the products used by them are safe for both pets and kids.

cleaning products


Inquire whether the maid service measures customer satisfaction. In case, they do, then what kind of procedures would be used to collect customer’s response? In addition, whether you would be asked to fill out any kind of online survey or survey on paper? Whether the manager would contact you after the house cleaning has been performed in order to be sure it matches to your expectations. The kind of steps a company would take to make sure satisfaction of a customer would tell how valuable they consider their customers.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance would be the foremost thing that should be laid emphasis on when hiring the best cleaning service in your area.

Quality Assurance

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Antique Rugs

Know the Truth behind Antique Rugs

Vintage rugs are equivalent to most other antiques in the manner that they are also older. However, unlike other antiques, vintage traditional rugs would have tend to seen slightly much more of usage in comparison to a classic table, chairs or dresser. In addition, unlike the classic dressers, tables, chairs and other antique items, the antique rugs most certainly were walked on more than several times. It might have been actually utilized and treated in a manner to have played a World Cup match on it over the years.

Old-fashioned carpets, regardless where they have been placed inside the house, would happen to acquire of all kinds of dirt in it. However, the most common kind of carpet that most people would have been familiar with is the Persian carpet. It would not be wrong to state that it comes in the category of being the best vintage rugs in the present times. These would happen to be old carpets woven by hand and created to stand against the test of time.

Antique Rugs

The Truth behind Vintage Rugs

Possibly, these vintage carpets were permitted to be turned out as previous carpets for a simple reason; they were being used as a wall tapestry. Perhaps the earlier carpets would have been permitted to develop into old-fashioned carpets by virtue of being stored inside the closet or warehouse. Nonetheless, it came out that the old-fashioned rugs were permitted to become obsolete and as a result antique.

behind Vintage Rugs

These old-fashioned carpets should not be taken to be the shag carpet. These antique carpets most certainly would not have reached the status of older rugs had they been installed as a shag carpet. In case, somebody could venture back in time and happen to meet the carpet weaver, the weaver would most certainly be astonished that the handiwork they had labored around has been considered of incredible value for the reason that it is considered obsolete and best antique rugs.

As classis carpets, these rugs would not have been subjected to cleaning with harmful chemicals as in the present day carpet cleaning methods. The owner of the carpet would have most definitely hung the rug on a wire outside the house and beat the dirt out of the rug with a stick. However, it is highly doubtful that the people of old had the notion that the rug they own at that time would become a vintage rug after some time. For more information on vintage carpets, you could get in touch with Doris Leslie Blau, who is an authority on antique carpets and contactable at:

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